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  • HKM Wideport Curb Bit in Argentin, 16mm Mouth, 7cm Shafts


HKM Wideport Curb Bit in Argentan, 16mm Mouth, 7cm Shafts


Product Description

This is a nice, mild wideport solid curb bit from HKM of Germany, which comes in a variety of sizes and options. This particular German silver Weymouth model (Art. 9889) comes with a 16mm thick center and 7cm shafts. It is made with metal Argentan argentan (mixed metal that promotes salivation), and keeps the horse's mouth comfortable. It is also available in 16mm thick center and 5cm shafts (Art. 9888) or by special order for the same price in 18mm thickness with 5cm shafts (Art. 9890) or 7cm shafts (Art. 9891). 

****The 135mm bits equate to - between 5 1/4" and 5 1/2"; being slightly to 5 1/4", so they are listed in the 5.3", but will also be seen as 5 1/4" with some companies.**************

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