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  • Max Control 3-Type Loose Ring Bit

Max Control 3-Type Loose Ring Bit


Product Description

OK, here is my description!  Reg 95.00

 It should be named the wonder bit/biofeedback bit/quieter than the rider's hands ever could be bit, et al.  This impressive little bit is moveable as a normal 3 piece bit until pushed outward, when it locks into position and becomes like a mullen mouth.  For a super sensitive horse, it is fabulous, because it really is quiter than your hands ever could be and you are allowed to more easily give slightly within the contact.  It could be a bit "sturdy" with super busy hands, but is also good for the horse that plays with the bit too much (another name!  "Zen bit").  And for the horse that likes to spit out the bit, this bit is pretty hard to spit out!!! The 3-type has extra attached rings to allow different rein attachments.  THis allows for varying types of leverage

So now, here is the official description!

Horse & More by Herm Sprenger's Max-control bit is a double-jointed bit that looks similar to other double-jointed loose ring snaffles but locks at a certain angle to help the rider maintain maximum control. This bit lies well in the horse's mouth while working properly. When the horse resists the rider's hand, there is a rigid locking effect that turns the bit into a straight bar. This bit is a great training aid or daily bit for horses who like to pull or resist contract.
Product specifications:
- Mouthpiece: Double jointed
- Material: stainless steel
- Bit thickness: 12 mm 
- Ring diameter: 55 mm
- Ring type: Loose ring 
This bit by Horse & More, a division of Herm Sprenger, is currently available in the sizes shown above. 

Sizes are transposed:

5" = 125mm

5.5" = 135mm (between 5.25 and 5.5"; closer to 5.5")

5.75" = 145mm

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