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  • Wintec CAIR Dressage Girth

Wintec CAIR Dressage Girth


Product Description

So I wanted to test this girth out before listing it and I am VERY pleased with it!!!  I have a mare that has a freak-shaped back.  Nothing would stay in place because she is so croup-high, low-backed, high withered, crazy broad-shouldered....... I ride her in one of my cutback saddles, which avoids her withers but fits her shoulders, but it still kept moving.  I tried one of these and she is super comfortable for a year now.  Her back moves amazingly, so I tried it on a pony that also couldn't keep a saddle back and was a bit cold-backed.  It works great for her, too!!!  So, I highly recommend it :o)  I can also get the Bates leather version, but personally, I like being able to wash it off daily, as I live in the South.  Sizes range from 24-38" (I wish they'd do a 20"!!)

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