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Our storefront mission is to individually service the dressage community's needs for products that may not be available or known about from typical stock merchandise.  We carry harder to find items, produce many items and are available to find whatever you may need.  We have 25 years experience helping the dressage enthusiast directly at the show.  Now, we focus on the webstore and helping you with your special needs.  Please contact us with any questions and check back regularly, as stock will change often.  If you are hard to fit, let us know!  We can help point you in the right areas to look!  Jo is also a rider(has earned her bronze and silver medals on her broodmares) and breeder (see Pfancy's Favorites Farm page), so she has a strong base of knowledge to draw from.  



Coming Attraction (costume freestyle class)                         Gevalia (Swedish sportpony @ 4 yrs old)


Broodmare, Lingh Blingh, w/2mo foal                                  broodmare, DL Pink Perfection


with foal, Spring Break                                             Broodmare, Bella, earning her diploma status at SWB inspection